WSJT-X and Quadrus | testing the new release

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WSJT-X and Quadrus | testing the new release

We got some news from Andy, HA6NN, on testing out the new WSJT-X with Quadrus. The testing is based on the latest v1.4 beta release of the WSJT-X using the DRU-244A Quadrus SDR hardware and the accompanying SRM-3000 SDR software. Let me share some very good screenshots from him – note that they include a couple of DX calls.

iz3wuc-w7nbh_1502261850ut wsjtx_1502261843ut

vk4xjb_1502252004ut                wsjtx-spec-1502252000ut

He kept his Quadrus equipped computer on during the night, and shared the list of stations heard on a video published here:

All these results show that the WSJT-X and the Quadrus SDR provide a suitable platform to receive digital signals and stream them to the back end processor, like the WSJT. Our development team is working on adding multi-channel Virtual Audio Connection (VAC) capability to utilize the real, multi-channel feature of the SDR. This would allow us to connect different instances of the decoder software to different channels on the receiver. First, it will only support 48 kHz IQ sampling rate, but we are working on the 96 kHz capability of the MAP65 and WSJT software stack as well.

You can read more about IQ samples and Quadrus SDR in this post:

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