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Spectrafold is a dedicated community of professionals, who work tirelessly to invent and create affordable, cutting-edge SDR solutions. Together we have decades of hands-on experience delivering working solutions to the toughest missions and environments. Our customers include radio enthusiasts, but academic, government, and military organizations as well.

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Our objective is to gain attention of talented students and engineers, orient their focus to the beauty of professional engineering work and craftsmanship. Provide inspiring environment with well equipped infrastructure for maximizing their ability for creative innovation. We drive innovation forward in terms of speed, quality, and impact. Join us, and be a part of our co-operation, co-creation network.

Do engineering. Create something that matters.

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Quadrus SDR receiver platform

Now we would like to open up our operation, and provide you with the proven SDR technology that you need for your business. We introduce our first open, publicly available, complete SDR solution: the Quadrus SDR receiver.

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Quadrus SDR phase-coherent SDR hardware digitizer

The DRU-244A high speed phase-coherent digitizer SDR hardware multi-channel SDR hardware. With on board input leveling, low noise preamplifier and multi-channel SDR digital down conversion (DDC) capability. The DRU-244A SDR hardware has outstanding dynamic range performance with carefully optimized design for SDR hardware implementation. The high-performance SDR hardware design is the combination of high bandwidth and high dynamic range with excellent sensitivity. QUADRUS SDR hardware enables demanding applications such as RF/IF direct sampling SDR receiver. Excellent spectral purity in combination with gain control. The DRU-244A is ideal for advanced digital radio SDR software receiver implementation. Especially suitable for professional signal and communication intelligence, spectrum monitoring and management application.

Quadrus SDR multi-channel SDR software receiver

The SRM-3000 is a ready to run high performance multi-channel SDR software receiver application for the QUADRUS SDR receiver platform. Particularly suitable for spectrum monitoring and management,  communication and signal intelligence. It allows simultaneous monitoring and recording multi-channel of modern digital narrow or wide band signals. While the streaming of the IF or the demodulated audio signals available to the TCP/IP interface. The SDR software receiver has its application programming interface (API) for higher level integration. It combines state-of-the-art user interface technologies with the latest features in digital signal processing thus providing advanced SDR software receiver platforms available today. Especially suitable for search and intercept tasks in signal and communication intelligence applications and deployed to the field in several missions.